Be the hero of your life

Hey BendyFriends,

This is a mini-blog with some personal reflections.

Feeling powerless in mum-life

Over the last 15 months (since becoming a mum), I have often felt like a victim of circumstance.

I had NO time to myself, I was SO exhausted, I was not able to work, exercise, shower….

When these kinds of thoughts surfaced, I became depressed, wallowed at home, and was not very pleasant to be around… 😔

It’s only recently that I read about the ‘victimhood’ mindset, and that it’s actually a CHOICE to be the hero of your life, rather than the victim. This has massively shifted things for me!

Don’t wait for someone to save you.
Save yourself.

And this is relevant to us all.

How often do you want to blame your work, your partner/family, your body, the weather, your pay-check (etc.) for getting in the way of what will make you happy?

To be sure, victimhood can be absolutely real! But what most of us feel from day to day, its a self-imposed victimhood. And by doing do, we strip away our own power to make ourselves happy.

Be your own hero

If we start to believe that WE are the hero/heroine of our life, then we feel empowered to do the little things that ARE possible, despite our busy circumstances.

Communicate your needs

It might even be that ‘being your own hero’ means setting some boundaries and asking your partner/family for some extra help! (Not just waiting for help to magically appear without communicating your needs).

It’s up to YOU

Make a choice. What do you need to do? Who do you need to ask for some understanding/support to achieve this?

Don’t wait for magic to happen… you are in charge!

So why not open your diary right now, and plan in your next practice… 😁

Thank you for reading my reflections.

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