Finding unexpected joy

Does life seem a little grey right now? This might help…

I’ve been delving into books on yoga philosophy and teaching these days (often Audio books while I am feeding my little boy or driving! 😆).

And I’d love to share this excerpt from the book:

Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses

(Authors: Sage Rountree and Alexandra Desiato, p.136)

        “There is extra delight in unexpected joys. Once you keep your eyes open for them, you’ll find them everywhere.

Joy can find you in an image, a phrase, a touch. Perhaps you have en eye for four-leafed clovers or heart-shaped rocks. Maybe you delight in a turn of phrase or an unusual but heartfelt complement. Or you could take pleasure in a high-five, fist bump or shoulder pat.

As you appreciate the unexpected joys in daily life, you can also find new, wonderful elements of your yoga practice that bring joy: a tiny shift in alignment that feels huge; a particularly sweet exhalation.”

So, ready to find joy?

You can find unexpected joy in any of the on-demand classes.

For instance, the joy of feeling your hamstrings stretch, or the joy of feeling that burn in your thighs, or the joy of a loooooong shavasana!

Let’s open the diary, and plan in your next practice… 😁

Thank you for reading my mini blog!

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