YOUR mind-body type

Have you ever compared yourself to others, and wondered why you are so different?

Perhaps it’s frustrated you that others seem to eat whatever they like and don’t change shape…

Perhaps you find it strange that others don’t enjoy the same things as you. “Why wouldn’t they enjoy running? I just love it so much!” you might think.


Can you think of other examples?


Wisdom from Aryuveda

Aryuveda is an ancient science of living from India which is closely linked with the yoga tradition. I absolutely love Aryuveda, as it makes intuitive sense to me.

This philosophy sees everyone as having a ‘Dosha’ which is the expression of their ‘mind-body type’.

There are three Doshas, and most people are a combination of two of these, with one Dosha being more dominant.


The Three Doshas are:

Can you see which one/two describes you?

– Vata: People who are creative, who swing from high energy to low energy quickly, who have a tendency to be slim, who sometimes forget to eat but really would benefit from eating regularly. When out of balance, Vata types have a tendency towards feeling anxious, too much weight loss, and insomnia.

– Pitta: People who are a little fiery, strong minded, determined and goal focussed. They tend to gain muscle quickly, but have a tendency to get over heated, in both body and in mind (think: hangry!). Pitta types get things done! But when out of balance, Pitta types can be a little over-bearing, and suffer from inflammatory skin issues.

– Kapha: People who are very grounded, warm and loving. This is the ‘mother-‘ or ‘father-earth’ person who you WANT to have as a best friend. Physically, Kapha types naturally hold a little more weight, and don’t naturally have a strong drive to do vigorous exercise. They generally have a very stable mental-state. When out of balance, Kapha types are prone to weight gain, extreme stubbornness and depression.


Balancing YOUR dosha

You may have guessed it already, but different doshas/ combinations of doshas will benefit from different lifestyle behaviours.

The Aryuvedic philosophy says that:

– Like attracts like, and

– Opposites create balance


For Example…

Creative Vata types

You’ll love a spontaneous lifestyle, the highs and lows of travelling and partying, and energetic exercise classes such as Zumba! You will love cold and light foods and beverages.

However, if you find yourself out of balance (burned out/anxious/inability to focus) then choosing the opposite will probably help you. For example, working on a predictable structure in your week, practicing a slower form of yoga, eating warm and wholesome foods.

Fiery Pitta types

You will be attracted to high intensity exercise like running or cross-fit and you’ll love eating curries! You’ll be go, go, go ALL the time!

However, if you find yourself a little out of balance (burned out/inflamed skin/uncontrolled frustration or anger), then choosing the opposite will probably help you. For example, choosing a more relaxing/mellow type of exercise, and cooling foods.

Grounded Kapha types

You’ll be attracted to a slow and steady life. You loooove your lie-ins, taking your time to socialise with loved ones and friends, and eating delicious and heavy foods.

However, if you find yourself a little out of balance (feeling unmotivated to make necessary changes, difficult to get out of bed, unwanted weight gain), then choosing the opposite will probably help you. For example, starting more vigorous exercise, getting up earlier and (I’m sorry to say) a bit of fasting…


How it sets us free…

What I LOVE about finding your own mind-body type is that you have permission to stop comparing yourself with others!

If you are a Kapha type and you compare yourself with a Vata type, then you are comparing apples and oranges. You were born different, and that’s OK!

We should each listen to OUR OWN bodies/minds and find the best ways to balance ourselves out so that we feel our happiest, healthiest selves.

For example; for some this will require doing LESS intense exercise, and for some it will require some MORE intense exercise.


You have a SUPER power

What get’s me so excited about this philosophy is the thought that every dosha has its own super power. And that’s so true for us all!

You Vata types are the creatives that bring us art and music!

You Pitta types are the fire-crackers that bring us cross-fit and meet deadlines!

You Kapha types are the grounded souls that keep it together when everyone els falls apart!


So, What are you?

Have you had an “Aha!” moment while reading this?

If you have realised which Dosha you have, or which two Doshas you have in combination, then why not see whether you feel in balance.

Using your new knowledge of what might suit your mind-body type, or what might help you get back to balance, you can choose a yoga practice!

Let’s open the diary, and plan in your next practice…


Thank you for reading my blog!

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