No-one’s watching… 👀

Do you have an Instagram account?

If so, you have probably seen many images of professional yogis doing crazy poses, in amazing locations, with perfectly sculpted bodies.

Well….. I’m sure you know this, but it’s worth repeating…

That’s not what yoga looks like 99.99% of the time!

Nor does it have to look like that.

If fact, very seldom are the professional yogis in these pictures actually doing a yoga practice at the time that the picture is taken. Instead, they have scouted out a nice location and are doing the pose solely for the purpose of the picture.

Speaking from experience, that is NOT yoga.

I have done my fair share of posing for the camera in crazy yoga poses, and it always leaves me feeling sore, as I am not properly warmed up, and it definitely doesn’t provide any form of mental relaxation or spiritual practice!

(Even the image above wasn’t a real yoga pactice! 🙈)


What actually matters?

My aim in writing this, is to ease any anxiety you may have about how your body will look when doing a yoga practice.

It doesn’t matter:

…if you touch your toes or not.

… what you’re wearing.

…what size and shape your body is.

…whether you’re tired.

…whether you’re stressed.

…whether you can do the ‘full pose’ or do an adapted version of it.

The only things that matter are:

…that you come to your yoga mat with an openness and acceptance to meet whatever comes up in your body and mind.

…that you attempt to breathe intentionally (even if you forget, then just come back to it).

…that you listen to your body, and learn when you can push harder, and when you need to back off.


My personal yoga journey

When I first started yoga, I definitely had more of a performance mindset than I do now. I even injured my hamstring by pushing too hard in single leg forward-folding/splits-type poses!

I’d like to think that I now use yoga as a way to calm my mind and find inner peace, even if I still love gaining physical strength from it.

I believe it’s absolutely OK to work towards physical benefits with a yoga practice, as long as it does not detract from the effects of yoga on calming the mind and reaching a higher level of self-acceptance.

That said…. I still catch myself having a craving for ‘achieving’ a particular pose sometimes!! 🤷‍♀️

When I notice this, I know it’s time for me to become a little more mindful with my yoga practice again, to focus on the breath and look LESS at Instagram! 😆


What about you?

What is your yoga practice like right now?

Stop for a moment to reflect on the feelings you experience before a yoga practice.

Is it openness to whatever may arise?

Or is there an expectation and slight worry about not being ‘able to do the poses’?

Doing this inner work is as much part of yoga as the poses themselves.


Let’s practice non-attachment

I invite you to pick an on-demand video class that is challenging for you, and to consciously work on being open to what arises in your body and mind.

It takes practice to let go of a performance mind-set.

During the challenging class allow yourself to give a real, sincere effort, but to let go of any judgement about whether you ‘achieved’ the poses or not.

Let’s open the diary, and plan in your next practice… 🙏

Thank you for reading my blog!

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