Spring is Here!

Has it been a long winter for you? It has for me! 🥴

The months of January and February always seem like loooong, daaaaaark months to me.

We are all different in how we adjust to the seasons. Some of us love the cozy winter, some love the sense of change in autumn, some love the freshness of spring, and some love the heat and energy of summer! (And of course most of us dislike some of these seasons too!)

FYI, I’m a Summer person (If you hadn’t guessed already)! That’s when I feel myself physically and mentally thriving.

What are you?


Warm and protected

In winter it’s normal to hunker down and put on warm, protective layers (both physically and mentally)!

Many of us do this by closing the curtains on the dark evenings, getting cozy on the sofa and watching something you love on the television.

Aryuveda, the yogic ‘life science’, describes winter as being a Kapha-heavy time. (See here for a previous blog describing the Aryuveda dosha types.)

So, don’t feel bad about having enjoyed the following over winter:

  • Heavy and warm food!
  • Lots of rest!
  • Being slow to change habits
  • Long evenings socialising inside with friends

These are Kapha qualities that we all indulge in a little more over the winter months.

However…. times are a-changing!


Time to shed that layer!

The turning point between winter and spring is here, the Spring Equinox.

With this change we can start to slowly open up and and shed these protective layers and become open to new, unexpected and wonderful opportunities!

In Aryuvedic-terms, this season is linked with Vata qualities. (Again, see here for a description of Vata).

This is a time of change, movement, fresh air and creativity!

But you may not feel like that now… (I certainly don’t yet!)

Once the daffodils start popping out of the ground and the cherry blossom is out, it’ll get you into that spring mood.

So, even if right now you feel tired, stuffy, inactive (maybe, like me, you’re ill…), take a moment to close your eyes and visualise all this new, fresh creative energy of spring, and welcome it into your body via your breath.


A little help to get you there…

To help you make this transition, I’ve created a special video class that focusses on the transition into spring. 🤗

In this class we focus on chest opening poses, and poses which give you a sense of lift and light.

It’s an uplifting yoga class! 🌿☀️

Follow this video class whenever you feel stuffy, weighed down and in need of some positivity!


How do I access this class?

If you are a Bendywife Yoga member, you can find it in the ‘Specials’ category.

Have a look at the preview now, and plan it in for later! 🤓

If you’re not part of the BendyTribe, I’d love to introduce you to it! Find out more about what I have to offer here.


I hope you enjoy this class!


Jolanthe x

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