Scarcity to Abundance

I’ve struggled a lot with a scarcity mindset. I’ve…

Felt food envy when I saw a bigger portion on someone else’s plate…

(Yet, in reality, I have never experienced actual food poverty!)

Felt a sense of competition with/ jealousy of other yoga teachers…

(Yet, in reality, there are millions of people out there who are not yet practicing yoga, so plenty of students to go around!)

Felt anxiety about finances, however much money I have in the bank…

(Yet, in reality, I never struggle to afford the essentials in my life).

Etc. etc. etc.

Can you relate? 🥴


Your mind creates your reality

What I’ve been learning through my own journey of yoga and mindfulness, is that thinking with a scarcity mindset will create/perpetuate scarcity in your life.

For example, if I continue to feel anxious about money and never invest in my business because of it, then my business will never grow and produce more income for me!

Can you think of a relevant example for you?


Abundance starts with ourselves

Since taking the plunge from having a ‘proper job’ (i.e. contractual with a monthly salary!), to my entrepreneurial life, I have been reading all I can find about an abundance mindset. You can probably see why!! 😆

What I have been learning is that it starts with consciously opening yourself up to receiving abundance… to believe abundance is out there… and to visualise it flowing through you.

In this process, it is helpful to see our universe as abundant. Not only that, but to understand that it (the universe/ insert any word here that make more intuitive sense to you) WANTS you to live an abundant life.

We need to start living with abundance before any ‘external’ abundance falls upon us. (i.e. Winning the lottery!) We need to stop hoarding our resources (objects, food, time, energy and money), and to give them with abundance to help those around us and to invest in our own special gifts that enable us to improve the lives of others.

Living with abundance (non-hoarding) will transform how you interact with the world around you, and in so doing you will attract others who return your energy in some other abundant way.

And so the cycle will go on!


There are no losers…

Abundance is created in the flow of energy, resources, time, kindness, ideas etc. between all living beings. The more we all exchange this energy, the more abundance is created for all of us. (Like a well-functioning economy!)

This takes us away from thinking that life is a zero-sum game. A zero-sum game mindset would make us believe that when someone else gains, you lose out, and vice versa. Such a mindset stagnates the exchange of energy, resources, ideas and time, and actually reduces EVERYONES productivity.

However, if everyone functions from the mindset of abundance, there are no losers!


Wiser words than mine

I have by no means mastered the concept and application of an abundance mindset. It’s something I am constantly working on. I very often still hear the little gremlin voices in my head whispering thoughts of scarcity, lack and fear!

So I will offer you some words from someone MUCH wiser than me…. Deepak Chopra. Deepak is both learned in ancient Indian spirituality as well as a Clinical Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of California. These are some of his words about abundance:

        “Many of us live and operate from a mindset of lack, scarcity, and limitation. We focus on what we don’t have—financial security, confidence, an intimate relationship—which keeps us feeling insecure and inadequate. We think ‘if only I could have those things, I could be happy.’ “

        “But constantly striving for more often means our ego is driving our thoughts, actions, and reactions, preventing us from reaching something greater: a true sense of inner peace, acceptance, and fulfilment. And these internal experiences allow us to access the great riches of the universe and life’s unbounded possibilities.”

(Learn more about Deepak Chopra here:

Let’s practice this!

I invite you to pick a yoga class.

…and to allow yourself a 5-10 minute Shavasana at the end.

(If you chose one of my classes, perhaps pause it during the Shavasana so you have as much time as you like).

As you lie down, place your hands on you belly or chest, or one hand on each.

Breathe deeply and slowly and repeat these sentences to yourself:

(In your mind, or out loud – your choice!)

“Abundance flows through me”

“The universe is abundant”

“I am open to receive abundance”

(Or another short phrase that feels more natural to you). 


Let’s open the diary and plan in when you will do this! 

(As all time-management experts will tell you, something will only happen if you schedule it in officially!)

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings today. 🤓

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