Why is yoga good for my health?

Why is yoga good for my health?

Mixing science & yoga…

You may know that I have a scientific back-ground. That’s why I love finding and reviewing published evidence on the benefits of yoga!

I’ll also share my personal insights on health, happiness and wellbeing, as well as a bit of ancient Yoga Philosophy!

I hope to inspire you to give yourself the gift of a little ‘me-time’, despite your crazy busy schedule.

Jolanthe x

Strength, Posture & Mindfulness

I’ll help you gain body confidence and contentment

with short, easy-to-follow yoga classes from your LIVING ROOM!

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I’m a Small Business

Give yourself the gift of self-care for a super affordable price, while supporting an independent, small business!

I enjoy getting to know each and every new yoga student – so can’t wait to meet you!

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