Actions matter, not Results

It’s your Actions that matter

In today’s world, it’s so easy to get caught up in the mindset of chasing measurable results.

(Or perhaps not chasing at all, if you feel the results are unattainable…)


It’s all around us!

Exams, work targets, weight targets, running times, images of crazy yoga poses on Instagram etc. etc. etc…

Our modern culture makes us believe that our self-worth lies in these outcomes….

However, yoga asks us to live for the action, not the results.

To take actions without thought for the outcome. To be open to success or failure. In yoga philosophy our self-worth is measured in our effort, not in the outcome.

Living in this mindset makes every thing you do feel more rewarding, and can ease any resistance you have to starting challenging things!

Whatever happens in the end, you put in the work!


For example…

– Going for a run… Whatever pace you had, you can enjoy the feeling of your blood pumping, the fresh air on your face and praise yourself for getting out of the house.

– Feeding your child… You focus on providing nutritious food and a nice environment. Even if your child throws most of it on the ground… you can let go of the outcome of actually amount of food eaten. (This is one I am working on! 🤬)

– Work projects… (Although your boss might disagree) you can focus on your clarity of focus, your enthusiasm and comradeship with colleagues, and let the results figure themselves out.

– And…. a yoga class! You can focus on the action of breathing and moving, stretching and strengthening, without worrying about what the poses look like. Without feeling you need to ‘achieve’ a pose.


Can you think of an example for you?

For me it’s hand-stands. In my personal yoga practice I always add a few drills to build shoulder, core and back strength for a handstand, but I’m never actually aiming to do a handstand.

Perhaps one day I’ll lift up into a hand-stand, or perhaps I’ll never do it. Either way, doing a hand stand doesn’t define me! And in my daily practice I still built more upper-body and core strength over time.



Ironically, the less you fixate on the outcomes, usually the more likely it is that eventually you will see the outcome in the long term!

Focussing on effort, social relationships and competence (rather than specific achievements like winning races), is what Sports Psychologists call ‘Intrinsic motivation.’

Interestingly, having stronger intrinsic motivation has been proven to correlate much better with long term participation in whatever health/exercise/sports behaviour was studied, and therefore it also correlates better with actual long term achievements! 🤷‍♀️

(See the Self-Determination Meta Theory of behaviour:


So, ready to take action?

If you’ve been unmotivated to try a yoga class because you feel you “can’t do the poses as they’re supposed to look”…. then this is for you.

📣 LET GO! 📣

…of that achievement mindset, and simply breathe and move.

Let’s open the diary, and plan in your next practice…

Thank you for reading my mini blog!

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