Got a few questions? 🤔

I’ve tried to answer them here. Please contact me directly if your query isn’t answered! I’ll be more than happy to help.

Q: Is your yoga BEGINNER friendly?

A: Definitely! I have made an entire Beginners’ section of classes. These are a perfect stepping stone to the rest of the classes. You are also welcome to try any of the classes immediately, you can always skip a pose or two – no sweat!


Q: Is this yoga also for MEN?

A: One-hundred-percent! 💯 In fact, men usually need to stretch more than women do! There are plenty of male Bendywife members (BendyBros??), and they absolutely love the classes!


Q: Which classes should I do for a BAD BACK?

A: For a bad back, choose any of the classes focussed on opening the hips, or focussed directly on the back.

Some examples are:

  • The Beginner Hips class (10 minutes) – Beginner theme
  • The Love your Back class (20 minutes) – Beginner theme
  • The Mini Back Strength class (15 mins) – Strength theme

Also – you can always ask me directly for personalised recommendations!


Q: How do I ACCESS the on-demand classes?

Go to www.bendylifeyoga.com, click ‘log in’ in the top right corner, and fill in the email and password you used when signing up. (Don’t worry, there’s a ‘forgot my password’ option if you can’t remember them!)

Once logged in, you can access ‘classes’, ‘challenges’, ‘my account’ and ‘refer a friend’ form the menu in the top right. Enjoy!


Q: How do I access your LIVE classes?

I teach a live class every Sunday morning 8-9am.

To access the LIVE class, simply log in, and go to the ‘classes’ page via the menu in the top right. The first theme of classes you will see is LIVE classes!

Click to enter, and you will see the next weekend’s LIVE class. (Make sure you have downloaded Zoom to be able to view it – but no need to make a Zoom account). See you there!

(Note: On rare occasions I do cancel the class due to a holiday or illness. I will notify you by email about this… though you need to have ticked the option to receive my emails! To check this, log in, and to to ‘my account’ via the menu in the top right. Scroll down until you find the email check-box.)


Q How do I CHANGE my email / password / address / payment methods?

Log in here: https://app.bendylifeyoga.com/signin, click the top right button, and click ‘My account’ on the drop down menu. Here you can change all these details!


Q: How do I CANCEL my membership?

You can cancel any time! (Of course I hope you don’t 😋🙏)

Just log in here: https://app.bendywife.com/signin, and go to ‘my account’ via the menu in the top right. Scroll down, and you will see an option to cancel your membership.

If you have ANY problems with this, then please please get in touch with me directly (via [email protected]). I absolutely do not want to take your payments if you have decided BendLife Yoga is not for you!


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me directly! You can see all the ways in which you can contact me here.


Lots of love!

Jolanthe x

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