Our Mission

We’re all getting older…

Yes… there’s no denying it! And our chair-bound lives don’t help the body to age gracefully.

Most of us are glued to a computer screen all day long, and this causes the body to get out of balance. Our shoulders roll forwards, our lower back starts to ache, our hips become tight, our hamstrings shorten… (I could go on!)

To make sure we stay supple, mobile and fit into our later years, we have to take action TODAY.

That’s why we’ve created classes to re-balance the issues caused by our generally inactive lifestyles. The videos are clearly named so you know how they will benefit your body.


I (Jolanthe) LOVE both yoga and fitness. So the style of yoga I use results in strong muscles! I find that exercising the body while being mindful and breathing deeply is the perfect way to destress. Of course, I have also created relaxing classes for those days when you’re just not feeling energetic.

For a BUSY life!

Too often have I heard: “I’m too busy for yoga”. And yes, you probably don’t have time to attend a 90 minute class that’s a 20 minutes’ drive away!

That’s why our mission is to create effective yoga videos that fit into your busy lifestyle.

We focus on providing lots of short classes of 10, 20 and 30 minutes. These are perfect for before breakfast, while your baby naps, or as a wind-down before dinner.

(Or on your office floor, in between meetings!)


Chilling out…

The most common issues around are… stress, anxiety and depression.

All styles of yoga are known to help cool anxious or stressed thoughts. The movements alone do wonders for the mind, but in our videos we also include messages of mindfulness, positive affirmations and reminders to breeeeeathe.


These days the cost of living is creeping up! A gym membership could cost £50/month, a single in-person yoga class £15. This is why we have focussed on creating a super affordable way to have high-quality yoga in your life.

For the price of one bottle of wine (£9.50) per month you have unlimited access to a huge range of classes, plus direct communication with me (Jolanthe)! to ask any questions and get recommendations.

Plus! You’re never locked in to a contract with us.


Doing what we love

We, Jolanthe (yoga teacher) and Michael (photographer/videographer), absolutely love our jobs.

I (Jolanthe) love planning a class, filming it, and then nerding-out over the video editing process. And Michael is a complete perfectionist when it comes to getting the lighting and set just right for our yoga videos!

We are a husband and (bendy)wife 😉 team, and we hope you will enjoy getting into the yoga videos as much as we enjoy nurturing and growing our BendyLife community!

Strength, Posture & Mindfulness

I’ll help you gain body confidence and contentment

with short, easy-to-follow yoga classes from your LIVING ROOM!

On-demand and LIVE

Check out what I offer!

I’m a Small Business

Give yourself the gift of self-care for a super affordable price, while supporting an independent, small business!

I enjoy getting to know each and every new yoga student – so can’t wait to meet you!

Love, Jolanthe x

Why is yoga good for my health?

Find out in my blog posts which discuss science, philosophy and my opinions!

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Why is yoga good for my health?

Find out in my blog posts which discuss science, philosophy and my opinions!

Explore blog posts!